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Motor-cognitive therapies for seniors

Enjoyable and easy to use

SenopiMed is a therapeutic solution that provides
interactive motor-cognitive training for seniors,
to train their upper body and cognition. 

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Virtual Reality for care institutions

Visit the familiar and discover new

SenopiCare enables care institutions to provide virtual excursions to their residents, allowing them to revisit familiar sceneries or discover something new.

Visit the familiar

Take residents on a virtual journey to familiar environments they have not been able to visit in a long time.  

Positive effects

Virtual visits to familiar places such as a cow meadow or seeing mountain goats activate memories, similar to music therapy. As a result, people with dementia begin to talk about earlier times, relax and feel at ease. It also promotes communication with each other when the same session can be watched and experiences shared in a group.

Proven in Swiss care institutions

"We noticed that some residents got more into telling stories than before."

"The variety adds more richness to everyday life." 

"Seniors became content and relaxed." 

Discover the new

Take residents for a virtual travel to foreign lands, or discover something they have 
never seen before.

Positive effects

Travelling with SenopiCare stimulates the imagination and possibly also awakens memories. Seniors can escape their everyday lives, which are sometimes perceived as boring. They become more active, and conversations are stimulated, particularly when sessions are integrated by multiple seniors at the same time. 

Proven in Swiss care institutions

"Others didn't want to stop marveling at the northern lights, keeping their heads turned to the sky the whole time and marveling." 

"One resident expressed her gratitude for the great experience by the sea with music. It was like a vacation, she commented."

Target groups

Healthy seniors

People with Mild Cognitive Impairment

People with physical impairment

Easy to use

Resident's reactions

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Last night I even dreamed about the sheep that we "visited" yesterday.
It was a beautiful continuation of the trip!


Contact us

Senopi AG

Splügenstrasse 12

8002 Zürich


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